Confession, genealogies in the Bible are long and boring, and frankly we hate reading them. What’s the point? I used to think this too, until I learned that every name in the Bible has meaning and prophecy. Starting from Genesis 3, everyone is looking for the Messiah. Every woman hoped their child would be the Savior of the world, the “seed of the woman”. Eve named one of her boys Cain meaning “this is him”! Noah’s father hoped his son would be the one; Noah means “rest”. Each person’s name is there to try to answer the problem of the fall; however, over and over we see a bunch of failed redeemers.

Adam and Eve had many children. Genesis 4 & 5 focus on two of their kids and their children after them. We often skip over these names to get to the flood account, but would you please stop and learn what their Hebrew names mean starting with the line Seth in Genesis 5?

Adam Man or “Earthling”
Seth     Appointed
Enosh  Mortal
Mahalaleel  The Blessed God
Jared     Shall Come Down (a verb)
Enoch    Teaching
Methuselah  His Death Shall Bring
Lemech The Despairing
Noah    Rest or comfort

Now the best part; read their names together…

Man is appointed mortal sorrow but the blessed God shall come down teaching that his death shall bring the despairing rest!

You would never see this in English. In Genesis, God has placed a hidden message in the names of these men. It is truly the Gospel in the Old Testament.

Alright what about the line of Cain in Genesis 4.

Adam   Man or “Earthling”
Cain      Becoming
Enoch  Dedicated
Irad      Fugitive
Mehujael  Broken by God
Lamech  Power Man/Wild Man/Perverted Man
Jabal, Jubal, Tubal-Cain   All Lamech’s sons originated from Cain

Man is becoming a dedicated fugitive broken by God and mastering the perversion originating in Cain or/mastering becoming the wild man not tamed by anyone.


What does this mean to me today?

God desires fellowship with us. He was so broken over the separation caused by sin that He already had a plan to get us back. It will take a couple thousand years by way of a cross. God revealed that He is the Messiah. He will restore the relationship if we repent from sin and believe in His Son. In the Bible, we see the way of Seth and the way of Cain. One sought God, the other did not. One had life, the other did not. What is your relationship with God?

-Holly Carter