At SMMR CMP ’17 there will be a new face in town and his name is Sean Sears. Sean will be this year’s camp speaker but he is also a Pastor in Boston, MA where he started Grace Church in 2005. Grace Church is a vibrant and multi-ethnic church that exists to help the people of Boston find and follow Jesus. Before starting Grace, Sean was a youth pastor for 12 years and also taught youth ministry at a college. Sean loves hanging out with teenagers and seeing them find and follow Jesus. He notes that this generation of teenagers faces several critical issues. First, the identify of a person today is so connected to what others think and say of them, it’s where culture says we should find value. We see this played out so often in the realm of social media. Secondly, everyone wants to stand out and it’s hard to stand out when everyone else is trying to stand out. The real question behind this is “how do I make my life count so others notice?”. Sean will be addressing these two topics and more at SMMR CMP ‘17

At camp this summer, you will see that there is one word Sean hates; “boring”

It was Sean’s freshman year of college that came a turning point in his life and faith. “My dad threatened to kick me out of the house. I was being a jerk and a cultural Christian just because everyone else was”. It was during this time that Sean started to really take his faith seriously and explore who God had called him to be. Now, his life has impacted tens of thousands of people across the U.S and the world through his church, mission projects he’s involved in, speaking at youth camps, and his work with teenagers.


At camp this summer, you will see that there is one word Sean hates; “boring”.  Sean speaks in a way teenagers and unchurched people resonate with. He will make you laugh, shed a tear or two, and challenge you to think about what matters most in life and eternity. You will see he is passionate about the spiritually disconnected in this world. He will note that the most significant moments in his life are his neighbors who have put their faith in Christ. That at Grace Church, 1 out of 4 people who attend aren’t yet saved. His kids have helped their best friends find and follow Jesus and many of his friends aren’t Christians.


Sean is looking forward to hanging out with the students of the Heights this summer. His challenge is that no matter where you are at with God or even if you don’t believe in God, summer camp is for you. If you have a friend that doesn’t go to church, invite them. Invest in this week because God always uses summer youth camps in ways we can’t fathom or imagine. But then again, that’s just the way God operates in our lives.


Smmr Cmp ’17 is July 23-28 in Williamsburg, VA and is for any middle or high school student. You can register online at For more about Sean Sears and Grace Church visit