Have you ever been looked down on because of your age? Has anyone ever told you: “you’re just a kid,” “you can’t really change the world,” or, “when you’re grown-up you’ll understand.”
The truth is–you can set the example among your peers–even those who are older than you.

“Let no one despise you for your youth, but set for the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity”

1 Timothy 4:12.

This is because influence and maturity is not about your age; it is about your obedience to Jesus. Your reputation (what you do when people are watching) and your integrity (what you do even when nobody is watching) will determine your influence!


5 Ways You Can Make A Difference While You’re Young:

1. In Speech
Use your words to build people up rather than tear them down.

2. In Conduct
The way you carry yourself; your behavior.

3. In Love
Love is demonstrated when we serve and care for those around us.

4. In Faith 
How is your relationship with Jesus? Do your actions show that you trust Him?

5. In Purity
Purity is not just running from sexual sin–it is about running to Jesus.

“Youth” can set an example for friends and elders. The reason you would set an example is so that, as you grow, you push others to grow as well. Point people to Jesus, and He’ll do the rest. Lives will be changed. No matter your age, Jesus is always enough.

-Ryan Leatham