The leaders from SMMR CMP ’17 got together and came up with a list of the 25 most powerful quotes from camp this year. These thoughts grabbed our attention and shook us to the core but they are useless unless we put them into action. What was your favorite quote or thought from the week?

25 Powerful Quotes from SMMR CMP ’17

“The closer you get to Jesus the more focused you become on the people who aren’t”

“It doesn’t matter why you are distant from God it only matters that you are”

“Everything you have is either a tool for God or an idol”

“Do the people farthest from God feel most loved by me?”

“Our value comes from what God was willing to give up to get us back”

“We are not called to be about ourselves”

“Don’t just look like a follower of Jesus, BE ONE”

“The reason you’re lost doesn’t matter to God; He just wants you found”

“To get an above-average life you have to make above-average decisions”

“I have no special standing with God except what he gives me”

“Sexual sin is the only sin we commit that negatively portrays Jesus’ relationship with the church-it is a direct reflection of either Jesus or the Church’s character”

“Prayer makes coincidences happen”

“You can only front for so long before the real you in revealed”

“Marriage isn’t for our happiness but for our holiness”

“Your behavior will portray your identity”

“All you have to do to return to Jesus is stop running”

“We need to treat sin like dog poop. Every time you step in dog poop your response is to clean it off as soon as possible. Sin is the same way, whenever you sin you need to confess it and cleanse yourself”

“If you date dumb you will marry stupid”

“The Bible isn’t about religion or a historical event. The bible is about God fixing something we messed up”

“How much of someone’s junk am I willing to overlook to see them come to Jesus?”

“God’s plan for you is not to be disconnected from God”

“Gratitude is a better motivator than fear”

“A real Christian keeps chasing God no matter the cost”

“Leadership is less about authority and more about responsibility”

“The legality of something has never determined its morality”